2 LB ers down tonight


And after you did all that lovely paint

Glad the pair of you are ok - that route x is a ‘b*tch’

sorry to hear that jasonb
if i can help in anyway give me a shout

Bad news guys…but good to hear you bounced well

Was BF getting in some race practice for next season?

jason! welcome back to the twotone gixxer club!! i knew you couldnt stay away for long!

bet you cant wait till august!!

glad your both ok

No worries Jim, James has told his insurance company that he accepts full responsibility so at least my bike’s gonna get repaired. Its not too bad but now i’ve looked at it in daylight i keep findind more things wrong with it.

bah sorry to hear this J mate…

bike was looking mint to!!

ermm can i come over and cut my can down at your house?

No probs mate

Yeah cheers mate, I was missing the club too much

what damge u actually got then?

Left side fairing needs replacing, tank and tail piece need re-painting, rear-sets bent up, engine casing, crash bungs and bobbins have ground down. Could probably live with most of it but if his insurance are gonna pay for it then why not

sorry to hear that

ooooh get me some spares off the insurance

you need to get 2 crates worth

flog me ur yoshi then fella?

cheeky smiled.

DUUUUUDE!!! Sooooo sorry to hear 'bout this… Hope BF’s okay too.

If Shane get’s the Yoshi (don’t think it’ll fit dude! I’ll support the ‘get Jason’s gix back on road fund’ and buy ur scorp can off ya lol)

Mate, if I can help with yours or BF’s repairs, just shout…


Good to see you guy`s are alright.

unlucky fella

Sorry to hear about your synchronised off guys.

Glad there is nothing too badly damaged, specially your good selves

That Gixxer was looking so sweet too

oh, and your bike was looking soooooooooo sexy

Glad you’re both ok though. That route X is a bugger

By the sounds of it, BF was trying to take Jasons ‘x’ route

Glad you’re both ok, not good news about the bikes though.