2 LB ers down tonight

While doing route x tonight an incident occured where the result was 2 LBers having a syncronised spin off horizontally down the road. No parties injured luckily but bikes need a bit of ebay action.

who are they?


Smoother riding next time?

I’m afraid it was me and my muppet of a brother-in-law Baldfantastic.

oh dear, tut tut, tsk, glad ur ok!

Yeah gonna have to get a 3 wheeler

The poor bikes didn’t deserve that! Glad you are both OK though.

Good to hear you escaped unhurt and there are no more gruesome pics from Hospital this time. Bikes get fixed, people are a bit harder.

Yeah very lucky, i took a wack on the knee as my bike went down but

should be alright.

Mine seems to be the canine’s cajones. (150 miles of Surrey twisties on Saturday…)

Grinding rear metal on the road? No worries, the front wheels keep the line. Front-wheel slide? No worries, the attitude of the bike remains the same, no low-side. Eff’in AWESOME!

OK it won’t do more than a ton, but do I care? Not on the twisties, and not in town.

Nice one Jim

glad to hear u both ok.

what did u do to ur gixxer jason!?!?!?!?

glad your ok mate,were you playing x games tonight:

Abject apols, I didn’t express sympathy for personal injury and bike damage.

Too enthusiast me, at times, soz folks.

ohh mate…bluddy hell…glad ur ok dude and baldfantastic…

what a sickner…if you need anything or if i can help in any way j…gimmie a shout mate…

will txt ya tomorrow mate…

not so smiled.

not just after you painted it all!!!

where is this dangerous route x ???

Glad you 2 weren’t seriously hurt, take it steady!

Sorry to hear this, seems to be getting a regular occurance. Hope all is OK.

Sorry to hear this J Glad to hear you & the Bald one are ok Hope there’s not to much damage to the bikes.

Your have to get the route X bike sorted a bit quicker