2 insurance policies, 1 bike???????????

Can you? I have multiple answers from many reputable sources. Any insurance bods out there who can clear this up for me?

I suspect you can, but can’t claim on both.

I understand it’s legal but claims are very complicated if it’s the same person and same vehicle on both and only quite complicated if it’s one vehicle and two people.

No, i am reliably informed that to have 2 is technically conspiracy to commit fraud and to claim on 2 is fraud. Mrs KTM Ds family are in that orrible bizzniss. The first one would be very tricky to prove or try, so probably not much of an issue but the claims are all logged and cross referenced so you would get slammed once the claims went in. 2 policies on one vehicle would make you a massive profit giving you an incentive to crash, which aint good for those sharing the road with you. And its per vehicle, makes no diff who takes the policies out.

Cheers buddy. By far the most sensible answer I’ve had. Right… Off to find a policy that honours NCD for named drivers!

funny enough I was looking into this, and as KTM has said it is a NO…

Not to thread jack and Slightly off topic but a warning to make sure policies are cancelled when bikes sold etc…there have been cases of bike being sold and rode without insurance only for the previous owners policy claimed against in the case of an accident - bizarre I know !

good advice **Firo[b/] :slight_smile:

You may well end up having paid for two policies, but not being insured at all. Each will have an exclusion saying ‘if the vehicle is covered under another policy, you aren’t covered under this one.’ You will end up in a catch 22 situation where I think the only realistic conclusion is that both exclusion clauses apply to wipe out your cover. They probably couldn’t exclude 3rd party cover, and so I would expect them to split 50/50 as a matter of practice, but they may not cover your losses, and might chase for their costs. In short, don’t do it.

Yowza. Good advice - glad to say we’ve gone for the names driver option! phew

@Firo - good advice - it seems all of those cases end up badly, since you become personally liable for any costs, which could be very high…