2 Couriers needed

We need 2 couriers

One Courier to work early shift 08.30 till 18.00

The other to work late shift 14:00 till late

Experienced only

owner rider 125cc upwards

Self employed

must have courier insurance

Smart apperance and a good knowledge of central London and the home counties.

90% of our work is media based, excellent rates etc

and you get to work with a excellent controller… ME :smiley:

If your intrested, drop me a PM :slight_smile:

So how did you get the job then? :smiley:

hang on a min, i will give me mate a ring as i think he is looking for a new job, will give him your number when he rings just call him tugs

Smart apperance and a good knowledge of central London and the home counties

Think that writes off Tug for the job :smiley:

Just buy a tom tom…dont need the knowledge anymore

you couldn’t afford me! I wouldn’t get out of bed for the peanuts you pay your monkeys!!!

don’t always rely on tomtom’s matey!.

Take no notice of Tug, our riders earn really good money, if there willing to work :slight_smile:

TBH the only thing I’d have a tom tom for courier work is, for the outa town jobs and I’d only put it on once close to destanation. Round town they dont keep up with all the oneway street changes, roadworks etcHow was the Lion king by the way :D:P:)

Please don’t get him started on the Lion King! We’ll be here all day! :stuck_out_tongue:

whats the pay,is it contract work or contract with other jobs throw im at full rate ?

he got lost…tomtom packed up:P

It’s circuit work, quite a busy company. But you do get time to eat and have coffee etc. lot of the work is visa applications from embassy’s, so there’s loads of waiting time in the warm :slight_smile:

sounds like a lot of fun…you must have carried my passport a few times then…wish I could have a go…

I would really love to have a go too! …cept I’ve never done courier work before.

Maybe I’ll practise, and think about it seriously for next year.

tug 1400 (24/10/2007)

Terry-Moto (24/10/2007)

easyrider (23/10/2007)


Still need 1 courier :slight_smile:

i know a guy called mark lovegrove he has ben a courier for about 16yrs he has just gone back to ad hoc work after a long contract.i will get his number and PM you.he parks up outside scotts in clerkenwell green gold fazer 600 if your passing

Ok cheers Fella :wink: