2 bikes nicked within a week

Mate of mine has had 2 bikes stolen in less than 7 days. Last week his Tiger was taken from outside his house in west London, and this morning his R1 was nicked from outside a friend’s flat in east London. Is no aprt of London safe?

At least the R1 was in a residents car park covered by security cameras, so maybe, just maybe, they’ll have the thieving b*****ds on camera!!

damn unlucky!! :frowning:

its amazing the frequency of thefts posted here. Just think of all the thefts not reported! I know of one more :frowning:

Lock it to something immovable with a big Almax, or lose it. And hope for the best. Its a pain carrying around a big chain and looking for anchors, but like Akala said - “this is london”

Sorry to hear this. Out of interest, were any locked up to anything, and if so how did they get them free? And were any of the chains Almax ones?

No - they weren’t alarmed or locked. Stupid - especially with the R1.

Just heard from my mate this morning that the R1 has been found. :slight_smile: They busted the steering lock and the seat was missing, but otherwise OK

The police had raided some place in Upminster and recovered a load of bikes, including his. Seems they rumbled a gang who have been nicking bikes all over north and east London

Thats great news! Probably one of the bikes they nicked had a tracker?

Now I wonder what they’ll do with the gang…

good news, there’s nothing more that I like then hearing the C*nts being found red handed…a couple more off the street.

Yes indeed - one of them had a tracker. And my friend says he is going to get one fitted when they give him his bike back. :cool:

I rather hope the police are starting to leave some nice bikes around with lots of trackers hidden in them …

Much better use of money than these PCSOs and litter wardens.

The big hurdle stopping most motorcyclists from buying trackers is the cost.

Given the huge positive benefits of having trackers fitted - with a single tracker leading to the discovery often not only of the “host” bike but also several other stolen bikes, as well as the thieves themselves, I think the Government should provide us with some incentive for buying them (and their ongoing subscription), by removing the VAT charge.

And insurers should give tracker owners a big drop in premium costs (if they don’t already do so).

I almost feel inclined to write to my MP about the VAT issue…

You speak the truth eezyrida. Although I think that they work mainly because they are very rare. If they become more common place thieves will look for them as the first thing. And more likely than not they will find it: There are not many places you can hide a tracker on a bike.

That said, I’ll gladly take the VAT cut. And meanwhile how about, as a matter of etiquette, we give a donation to whoever had the tracker that recovered our bike?