2 Bikers down on M20

Just got home after watching the emergency services dealing with an incident on the M20 just before junction 2.

One biker got airlifted to hospital, the other poor guy was laying in the road covered with a blanket.

Rest in peace mate.

hope he’s ok, sorry to hear about any fatality … just got off that road a while ago as well…

horrible news. RIP


I saw this as well , i was london bound . thought it was a biker as i just saw the top box laying on the inside lane.


Awful to hear of any fatalities. RIP

Lets hope the other rider makes a quick recovery.


They’ve updated that link with some brief details:

*Kent Police said there were no cars involved in the crash.

A spokesman said the two motorcycles were travelling together when the lead rider came off his bike.

The second rider collided with him.*

Sounds a bit of a strange one, mechanical failure perhaps?

Second rider reported as serious but stable.

RIP & GWS :frowning:

Very tragic. Its probably wrong to speculate about the cause but my guess is it would have been something like a snapped chain causing a wheel seize-up, or a front tyre blowout at speed. When those things happen on a bike, there’s a good chance of hitting the deck pretty well immediately and whether you survive depends on what you bump into or what bumps into you as you’re sent sliding down the road. This is assuming you’re wearing the proper gear.


Always sad to read these things

its mentioned in todays Sun paper

RIP feller

hope the other guy pulls through

Tragic :frowning: R.I.P