2 Bikers down in 2 days !!!!!!

A guy last night in Green Lanes on my way home. Tall black guy with a fair bit of ink. Might have been on (and off as it turns out) a CBR. Car pulled out on him. Luckily he was just sufferin a lil road rash . . . he’d only “popped down the shops” so wasnt wearing any protective gear . . . there’s a message there I think . . .

Another guy this morning on the A10 / M25 Roundabout. Hit a patch of Diesel n lost it. He was ok too but his bike was lookin none to good.

So . . Please people . . be extra careful out there . . there’s so many distractions, especially now that the sun’s out.

Ride safe


Aye, I can confirm, crap does happen anywhere, becareful, expecially when you’re having fun in the sun