2 bike breakdown cover


One of the coil packs on my car packed up in Yorkshire on a Saturday afternoon. RAC guy attended quickly and identified the coil pack as the same type used by VAG, he frantically called around all his local parts suppliers to get one before they shut but was unsuccessful. His control then offered me the choice of having it fixed locally on Monday or recovered back home, or recovered to a mechanic of my choice. I opted to have it recovered to the indie who normally looks after it. That’s a lot of logistics: recovered to secure compound that afternoon, stored, and shipped on on Monday morning. It all happened smoothly with no input needed from me.

They also offered to sort out a rental car but we choose not to take that option as the friends we were staying with were driving to London soon anyway.

Hah. It’s certainly not a benefit of policy holders. Mr Mahoney took us there once many years ago for an LB function.

Thought as much, there’s bee few squash tournaments that took place there but I’ve never been that good to go.

I’ve only been to the RAF club which my grandad frequented way before my time. Very regal if a tad old.

The RAC club on Pall Mall is no longer anything to do with the breakdown side of things. It separated years ago.

But I have to say that having been in and had a meal there (one of the best that I’ve ever had) that it is something else.

I’ve not ready all of this so someone may have mentioned it. But if you have one of those bank accounts which has all the bells and whistles it will give you cover.

Mine does and it covers me and not the vechile so could be in a mates car and we’d be ok

Bit of input

Generally cover will be
for you and upto 7 passengers
Vehicle based = anyone driving it
Personal = any vehicle you are in ( don’t have to be driving ( upto 3500kgs) or any named member on account .any age vehicle .
Roadside cover = local recovery( no exact milage but roughly 10-20mls depending )to garage or destination of choice( locally) if non repair
National/Relay Recovery recovery to any single destination ( T&C apply) ( note the term Relay as it can take multiple handovers)

Neither of the above cover you if your breakdown is within 1/4mile of your home / registered address

Adding homestart removes that 1/4 mile exemption .

Onward travel gives the option for you to continue your journey whilst your car is being repaired/ recovered either in a hire vehicle or by other transportation ( train/bus/taxi)
Or to cover the cost of accommodation etc( T&C apply) .

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My bank one does cover home start as well, thought I’d just let you know.

Hmm my bank would only offer that with the platinum account that’s 21 per month

The bank deals are only worth it if you can use all the features they offer. It works for some people, not others.
I use the personal cover from RAC as it was the cheapest way to cover 4 vehicles for me. Once I’ve had a long wait for a recovery but otherwise ok.

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned either using Tesco club card points or one of the cash back websites.

I’ve just renewed my RAC cover through Tesco: joint membership that covers us for any vehicles, all the bling and whistles and add ons bar European cover all for £85.

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I’m a Sainsbury’s man :smile:

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I would have thought you’d get a deal @Janey with @TimR working for The AA.

And as for you Pun, I’d have thought you’d be a Waitrose man!


I’m waiting for @brains_t to chip in, he had motorcycle recovery at £42 per year. Prompt service on call outs and roadside repair and recovery from Kent and Essex.

@Kevsta I may get multi policy cover dirt cheap through being married to The AA, but I pay in soooooo many other ways :rofl:

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:dizzy_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Autoaid, now £60. Used them for six years, they cover you or spouse driving any car or bike even. Would cover the vehicle if you are a passenger but not sure if that’s still the case.

Very good service would be an understatement however there were taken over last year and hike the price from £42 and
defaulted to auto renewals. There have been a a lot of complaints re cancellation charges £20 on a £40 but otherwise service seems be be holding up.

Used then plenty of times (punctures and battery) and the wait was alway reasonable. Most notably my oil seal went in Epping on Sunday morning, they recovered me to my house and came back Monday to transport bike to garage.

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