2/8 fish and chip run reborn.

@kcoops it’s on Sunday.
@barnabyharry gentle is always relative. It’s alway good fun to play in the mid pack.

Looks like your using Brians route.And you may intend to end up at West Wittering cafe for lunch…Heads up…I was there four weeks ago with Bill n Sue,there had been a fire in the Kitchen and the only cooked food was Burger and chips from a stall outside .No Fish and Chips in sight.This might have all have been rectified by now. Check it out on your recce run…cheers…Richard

How about the Departure Lounge Cafe Cafe ( GU34 4BH ) for a southerly pick up ??.About a mile north of Alton,on the A339.Your route will be passing it…Cheers.

Good idea duffnut. That’s what I was thinking but couldn’t remember the name of the place. Gonna work out a meet up time tomorrow. Also the route is similar but the destination is different. Shame that cafe has burnt down though.

Not burnt down,just a damaged kitchen area…

I’ve some engine oil and an oil filter to scrub in :wink:

Can you confirm this is a ride out and not a stop off here there and wherever to collect folk who that can’t be arsed to make it to one of the the designated meet up points. Please also confirm that seaside fish n chips, pickled eggs and nice creams will be part of the days agenda.

Will the pace be suitable for my 125 that’s really a 250 with delusions of grandeur?

I’m gonna try my best to be at the Ace for 9.30, joined a few months ago and haven’t managed to meet up yet, I will be on a red Falco.


Me and the old git would love to come and join you for this ride. Would be great to meat you all. If you see two lost souls on MT07 & Tiger give us a shout.

How many old gits can one ride take?

Hahaha. Not that old just getting a bit rusty after braking every bone in his body over the years. He just aches older then he really is.

This old git likes a good ride

We have a present for the leader (if the ride’s any good and the chipshop is fine he can have it after lunch, if not we’ll just keep it for ourselves) :slight_smile:

You still trying to get rid of that Magnum?

i could come on the 125 maybe! i live so close to ace so 9.30 wouldn’t be an issue

No the present is not edible (well it could be if you really chewed it but it’s not food as such)and is targeted at our glorious leader :0

I get a present! Amazing can’t wait. Be good to see the Jets. Haven’t seen you in ages

@NT there will be one pick up point in the south not MANY although we should hit Loomies for coffee and hour before lunch so anybody could meet there too. Im sure the 125’s will be able to keep up and ZX12’s will be able to stretch their legs. :grin:

I’m gonna work out timings when I get out of bed this morning. Although if it is a big group everything will of course take longer.

Ps it’s not old gits it yea old faithful. .

For those that don’t know me I’ll be on a grey Yamaha XJ-6N with blue wheels. In a blue RST one piece and some red Jizz on the back my helmet. :smirk:

All you need to know in the updated initial post!

I’m assuming then me 250 that thinks its a 125 will be able to keep up and stretch it legs :wink:

There has just been a tragic accident at Blackbushe (RIP) which may affect access.