2/8 fish and chip run reborn.

I need a ride out this is the ride out I had to cancel in May so this will defiantly go ahead unless there is much flooding.

the weather is looking great for riding not too hot not too cold. This will be largely based on on a previous rideout

Relatively gentle pace and a good one for newbies and 125’s. Plenty of rest breaks and Ducati freindly fuel stops.

I’ll be on a grey XJ6 N with blue wheels.

Meet at Ace at 9.30 am leaving at 10 sharp back at Ace about 5ish.
Second meeting point will be at the The Shack Cafe RG27 9EH at about 11.15. It will be closed so just a short stop and Loomies is only another hour away.

After that on to Loomies and then to a mystery seaside location.

Ride back will be through Sussex to avoid those hooligans on bikes.

Cornerman system will be in use if enough people show up (4 or more)

Full tanks empty bladders

30 MEANS 30

Sadly I will be bikeless that weekend. I might be there in the cage to see you off and to see what I’ll be missing out on.

I’m working so can’t play

Definite maybe, let you know how the rebuild goes!

Would love to but it is day before moving day so I will be packing.

Will this be seaside or inland???

Fish and chips? Of course I’m in :grin:

Sounds good. I’ll have the wrong tyres so I’m up for tailgunning.

This will be a seaside lunch time spot.

Great Big red!

Will you be heading south for a pickup?

How far south you talking? Will be a Loomies for a coffee stop. If not could do one of the petrol stations. Gonna run the route again on wendsday to refresh my memory so if you’d give me a rough idea of what would suit you I could probably factor it in

Don’t forget that it’s the Ride London event on Sunday around south London and the surrey hills so quite a few road closures http://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/Info_Hub/Road_Closures.htm?

Ah thanks monikmark. Might have to revise the homeward leg. But shouldn’t be too affected.

We’re starting to feel interested

Hmm road closures around me…I’m sure I’ll find a way out of Surrey…

Alright you lot from the dirty south. This is going to be the route to loomies. Feel free to suggest a meet up point along it.

Tempted! ace at 9.30 is defo do-able :slight_smile:

@Slan I struggle to find my way out of Surrey at the best of times😳

When you say gentle pace, how gentle do you mean? I need a ride out this weekend but I’m not one for trundles…

@changyammi is this ride on sat or sun??