1st trackday of the year Mallory park 31-01-09, nolimits

had a good day yesterday so here is a little overview of what happened.

did 6 sessions in total with not bothering with the 7th last session being skipped and I went and spectated on the hill by the BUS STOP.

1 st session was crap, very tense all over the place and when I came in i got the worst case of arm pump I’ve ever had i was in agony and by the end of the session I was struggling to hold the brake lever to stop myself in the pit area.

the next session I spent dicing with another r1 with around 6 times us swapping places, the r1 eventually backed off after nearly going into the gravel at shaw’s corner I also managed to nearly have the biggest incident I’ve ever had on the track.

as appraoching shaw’s i braked at my normal braking marker whilst trying to go around a slower rider who was with a group of 5 riders at the esses, as i start to brake the first rider pushes me nearly on the inside of the track but I managed to swerve out the way but into the pack of riders who all brake easily 1-2 seconds too early and whilst braking hard I had to swivvle in a S shape to go through them. probably the most hariest moment I’ve ever had Shocked

the next session saw me catchup to an r6 rider, another guy on a gsxr600 and we had what felt like a 10 lap race with me loosing my position by nearly highsiding out of edwina’s then constantly swapping places all the way to the chequered flag. at the end of the session the r6 rider waited for me and gave me a high5 shouting to me “that was ******* hardcore” Laughing Laughing

anyway that highside was a sign of the tyre fading as it started to slide more and more and I was unable to wack open the throttle as much as I wanted after a quick tyre check all the tread on the RHS of my tyres were completely worn away Shocked

I decided to get a video recorded as I wanted something to take away to watch for next time i visit.

also found that standard suspension will bottom out and grind the number plate.


here is the vid, very sloppy, was very twitchy, didnt feel comfortable with a great big camera pack on my tank, see if you spot tristian palmer from bsb fly past me.

also someone else was there taking pics and put them on the web


hello mate, just watched the vid, not bad, but you could make up a lot more time by using all of the track, and trying not to make up everything on the brakes. if you brake a little earlier and harder then carry more speed through the corner (ie going into the shaws hairpin and edwinas) you will get better drive on the exit, and therefore go faster. however not a bad attempt :slight_smile:

TBH, I think my braking is almost spot on could even do better if anything I kept braking too hard and knocking too much corner speed. @gerrards, i kept turning in way too early for which was making me go in too tight and I had to keep adjusting my lines, like I said it was a very sloppy session probably 2nd worst session of the day for me. for some reason I didnt feel too comfortable with a big tankbag on my bike.

the bike was sliding too much and after nearly highsiding out of edwina’s I layed off the throttle by more than half when powering out of the corners for the RHS as it is also my roadbike aswell.

I improved with gerrards and devils elbow so am happy-ish with the day as last time I rode there as everything felt slower this time which is a good sign.

thinking about getting a quick action throttle, rear shock and maybe a shorty clutch lever as the chassis is completely standard.

I do appreciate the helpful comments.

Gonna put this in the correct forum.

Glad you had a good one. :slight_smile: