1st Trackday Booked

ive finally booked my trackday. £105 if anyone wants to join me :D:D:Dhttp://www.focusedevents.com/event_info.asp?ID=1311

Nice one!:smiley:


I will be at Brands on the 21st Feb if you fancy popping down to get an idea of how the Trackdays run. :slight_smile:

cheers sounds like a great idea and would love to come and take a look and see how its run. is there a certain time i should come by at? p.s. ive already watched your you tube video of brands a few times to see what lines to take :slight_smile:

I will be there from about 7.30 drivers meeting at 8.30 on track at 9am any time is ok just turn up and ride into the paddock. :smiley:

cool, i’ll definitely come and swing by. will i still be alright turning up a bit later at like 10am?

NOTE: Sun 21st Feb - Pit lane opens @ 1000Hrs.

Lunch is only 30 minutes. That’s a extra hour in bed.

(I’ve booked this but not sure I’ll be there.)

4 places left for this one

:crying: :crying: :crying:

Why what you doing? If you don’t go how much you want for it mister?

I’m working in Spain next week, I’m due to fly back on Saturday but there’s a chance I could be delayed.


Nice to see you yesterday, hope you get some better weather and got a general idea of how trackdays are run. :slight_smile:


yeah you too, glad i popped down. made me think about a few things i need to bring with me

What like:

4 Heaters
George Foreman to cook burgers and onions
Toaster for toasted cheese sarnies
Kettle for tea, coffee and soups
Electric blanket for the cold pit babes
Video Camera
Bike Video Cam


If you’ve got room then squeeze your bike and gear in around the important stuff :hehe:

thats exactly what i was thinking. gotta buy myself a van or a trailer first though :slight_smile:

Another day like the 21st i would say a rubber ring :smiley: hope you have a great 1st track day :slight_smile:

good going in them conditions and great video TDJ

I might if you dont mind, would be my first too, do you know any other LBers going, maybe ride down together, I am in SS1. What ya reckon?

Great video Mark, I enjoyed that.

I didn’t get back from Spain till earlier today so I missed out. I’m glad I did looking at your video!