1st trackday booked

Despite saying I was going to wait before doing a trackday I’ve decided that life’s too short for hanging around and have treated myself to a day at Cadwell Park for my birthday in May.

I’ve read Silver’s sticky post about FAQs but if anyone has any advice about Cadwell Park or general tips to stop me from doing anything silly please post.

I’m soooooooo excited

Gulp* Cadwell…

My advice go easy on your sighting laps over the mountain i nearly flipped it on my first sighting lap over there

Cadwell is awesome you’ll love it, just be aware that it is very fast and quite technical.

Make sure you get out there early so you do the sighting laps and make sure at some point in the day that you grab an instructor to follow, it will help you no end…

Oh and welcome to the addiction that will take all your money and over your life!

Ok, Cadwell Park, the mini Nurburgring as it is called.

You will eneter the track right at the top, Hall Bends. This is a combination of fast flicks before coming to a hairpin right. If you are caning it through this section, you may find that the bike comes up on the last left flick before this hairpin. Round the hairpin, stay to the left of the circuit, try not to run the small kerb on the outside, its not good and a recipe for disaster in the wet. You will rapidly come into another right hander, called Barn. You will probably need to scrub off some speed here but try to get through as fast as possible becuase you now come onto the start finish straight. You should be over onm the left working your way as far to the right as you can before coming to a left hander. This left hander is awesomely quick when done properly. Round the left and drive uphill, try to get back towards the left before the right kink, you shouldn’t need to brake for this if you get the line right. You now come up to a right hander, again, its pretty fast, but, its blind. Round the right and into park straight, this drops downhill then up and is definately not straight. You now come to another right, you will need to scrub speed, get round the corner, stand the bike up briefly before the next right. Having gone round this you come into a gradual right, get over to the left before this tightens up. You are now at the gooseneck, a very famous point for crashes (I should know :crazy. You go right and then left. As you go left, you are starting to drop downhill. Do not be on the brakes, you need to have a little power on tap. As you exit, stay to the right, you drop downhill very rapidly where you need to brake reasonably hard for the left hander at the bottom. Round the left hander, get on the power, also try to get towards the left side of the track. Very quickly you approach a right left chicane, this has been added to slow people down doe to the next section of track being accident city. Get through the chicane, stay right and prepare yourself for a left, this left is on a rise. You will now see ‘The Mountain’, do not panick! At the bottom of the mountain is a tight right hander - now there are various ideas for getting over the mountain, you will find one that you get comfortable with (lets hope). Do not go right to the left or right of the track on the mountain. Aim for dead middle or just left of, hit that throttle as soon as you can at the bottom and drive for the top. You will probably go airborne at the top, many do. The art now is to try and keep the front end down, and here is where there are different methods.

You can stand up on the pegs and lean forwards on the bike. You can change up a gear just before you hit the camber at the top. You can back off the throttle as you hit the top camber. You can do a combination of these. What you really need to remember is, there is a very short straight at the top before you get into Hall Bends again. If its the remotest bit damp, hall bends will stay damp and can be quite slippery.

So if its wet, all the way through hall bends, the hairpin and barn can be treachorous. The rest is not so bad in the wet. If its dry, its an awesome track to ride and loads of fun. Top overtaking places are coming out of barn onto the start finish, the left hander at the end of the start finish (go round the outside), on the brakes into the right at the end of park straight. You can overtake in the Hall bends complex, but not advisable really. You can dive underneath at the hairpin, but make sure you get it right, you really don’t want to be hitting the kerb as you exit.

The best advise I can give you, is to try and relax, take your time at this lovely circuit getting used to it.

Enjoy might see you there.

Good place to overtake is down Park straight, as too many people roll off the throttle at the blind crest ready to tip into Park/Chris’s, its a further 50 odd yards from the blind crest of park to the entry point.

Not been to Cadwell but some general advice…

Take it easy to start, build up your speed with each session.

As was said above, get hold of a track day instructor and get them to show you the lines, pay attention to where they are going especially setting up for and gooing through bends and chicanes. Do this on your first or second session.

Get an instructor to follow you round a couple of sessions later and let you know what you’re doing right and wrong.

Enjoy yourself, push yourself a bit but don’t get too uncomfortable.

Toward the end of the day you may get tired, you’ll be conentrating an awful lot and it can take it out of you if you’re not used to it.

Take some duct tape and tape up your mirrors and number palte.

Don’t forget to ease of when you see the checkered falg and take it easy on your warm down lap. I forgot to do this and there was someone dawdling through a chicane that caused me to ahve a minor off at Snetterton on my first track day - doh

Stay hydrated and don’t get hungry.

Assume you have one piece or zip together leathers? You wont be allowed on without.

Have fun, if you’re not enoying it slow down. It’s not a race.


Anyone esle interested in coming along? Got quite a group now! Friday 25th May.

This is the link if you’re interested


also rember…

If you come to a bend and think sh!t im going to fast just try to brake hard as you can and then let go of the brakes and try to make the turn.

9 times out of 10 your bike will make that turn even at the speed you thought you were going to fast at.

a lot of people bin it on there first trackday coz they just pull on the brakes and head strait on of the track.

Scrub of speed and then make full commitment to the turn.

And most of all have fun, thats what your there for, not going as fast as you can.

Wicked MS - I bet you’ll have sooooooo much fun.

Not gonna tempt fate and get knee sliders tho. I still maintain the only way my knees will ever get near the ground is if the bike is also heading there!

Wise words there. That’s the only time I’ve ever got my knee down!

I’m sure you’ll love your first trackday MS…want a full report after

I never had knee sliders first time around… was no bother. I have 'em this time though, better use em else i’ll curse :stuck_out_tongue:

looking forward using my RR for what it was designed for!! … no not posing , wannabe racing

Cadwell is a lovely track and youll get more of a sensation of speed as its quite a narrow track.

Itll be a steep learning curve so take your time and build up gradually during the day. As the day goes on youll be so much quicker and confident as you learn the track and get used to the speed.

It`s good practice to get into the habit of entering the turns well within your capabilities so you can concentrate on getting on the gas early (either before or at the apex). This balances the suspension, improves traction and settles the bike. With the main objective here being to get a good drive out of the turn. Slow in fast out.

If ever you scare yourself entering a turn too quickly, its easier said than done but do try and make the corner and dont panic. 9 times out of 10 you make it if you relax, dont tense on the bars, dont brake in the corner but carry more lean angle and look through the turn where you want to go (dont look where you dont want to go, you`ll end up there)

It`s also easy to hold your breath and be tense on the bike, keep an eye on your breathing (easier to do this on the straights).

Get into the habit of using the front brake only, it does 99 to 100% of the braking and the rear does very little except waste valuable concentration using it.

Grab an instructor to guide you and build your confidence.

If it rains give the Woodland section under the trees more respect, it`ll be more slippery there and take longer to dry out.

The Gooseneck is one of the more difficult corners but great fun when you get it right. It`s approached at speed and is a blind entry with little run off. Try to get a good braking point for this to help. Where the track dips on the approach is one reference.

Give your bike regular checks during the day, this only needs to take a minute. Look at tyre condition, all controls working smoothly, any leaks and no loose nuts and bolts.

Take time out to rest and hydrate it`ll be a long day but should be a memorable one for all the right reasons.

just to add to the comments about brain freeze and cornering, when you get off the brakes get back on the throttle a little. the bike needs a bit of drive to stay balanced between the front and rear suspension. fully closed throttle is effectively still braking and loading the front

oh, and you go where you look. brake with good time for the corner, look at the apex, when you get the apex look to the exit/part of the track you need to aim for.

the bike can nearly always do more than you think it can.

this is pretty good if you haven’t seen it already http://www.foreven.com/trackdod/NoviceGuide/


And already mentioned but a key tip for Cadwell is watch it and build up the feel through Hall and Barn because even if dry it can be slippy due to sap and dampness under the trees.

Once you’ve flown her over the mountain you’ll need a surgeon to remove the grin. After Jerez, Cadwell ties with Donny for my fave tracks. Shortly followed by Silverstone.

Two weekends to go

Getting nervous and excited… can’t wait!!!

Thanks for all the advice that’s been passed on.

Is there anyone else who wants to come (there are still spaces)? We’ll be going out in Gainsborough in the evening to celebrate me being a year closer to retirement, if you need another reason!

Have a great day honey - and a great birthday!

I want to hear all about it as soon as you’ve done it. I’m thinking of doing my first track day as well soon


i’ll be there on the 25th!

Im not