1st track day booked

Woooohooooo 30 Th June Brands Hatch evening session cant wait for it to happen. Any one out there?
All advices welcome

Slow in fast out :wink:

stay on! :wink:

:smiley: ill try my best, oh forgot to say booked instructor too so hope to get the most of it

Do you mind if i ask how much it was with an Instructor?

Is it the Indy Circuit or GP?

no not at all it was 94 quid all together.
69 track day and 25 for instructor
Indy Circuit

My advice for what it’s worth:
Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Pack drinks, visor cleaner, cable ties. Stay focused, find your level gradually. If you’re riding home, take it easy, residual adrenalin and all that (don’t ask how I know :wink: )

Ye will have to calm down before heading home. Is there where to leave your stuff while you out on track?

you will get yourself a garage in the pit lane mate

i see

Shall i come well before time to look around and will they allow us to look how others having fun?

Just turn up normal time. Plenty space and time to poodle about :slight_smile:

Plenty of walking before you run :wink:

Soooo… How was it? Have you and your bike survived and have you booked your second trackday already?

^^ lol. its not on for 4 weeks. :smiley:

Doh! Muppet moment. I got the day right, but I completely misread the month… :blush:

Cant wait and hope the weather is going to be nice too hope for the best. If i get camera ill post video of how terrible i am on track :smiley:
Next track day still on hold will see if a full day or evening is enough for me would like to see some of you and maybe get some advice

Do i need to bring tape to tape my lights and mirrors? or its not needed?

As a newbie, that was one one the things I wondered myself. Having read http://londonbikers.com/forums/3806/Trackday-FAQ I decided against it and it wasn’t an issue. On the whole two trackdays that I’ve done, my 'bike’s been totally unaltered from a standard road 'bike, other than the mirrors being folded in and the number plate taped over (you never know who’s watching you :Whistling:). Bear in mind if you do decide to tape up your lights that the heat may melt the tape and you might have issues removing it.

It’s always good to tape up the mirrors or fold them in to stop you using them. I would also tape up the headlight as it helps with the photo’s and holds the bits in place in case of an accident. :slight_smile:
Take it easy build your pace up and enjoy the day. :slight_smile: