1st time @ snetterton :D;):D


Good work fella, looks like fun…man I have to do something about getting a trackday under my belt.

after all this time riding you havn`t done a trackday!!!

once you do it you`ll become addicted…LIKE I AM ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Nice quality clip fella.

What camera do you use for that?

i used the oregon atcy2k camera m8 ive just bought the new version .atcy3k so il have both front and rear footage nxt time out

i`ve had a bit of bother with the y2k. the batteries kept losing connection and turned itself off i put a lil bit foam in the cap and it seems to have sorted it. oh and i use duracell batteries as the energizers were poo

Thanks, I’m thinking of getting a camera set-up but I don’t want to spend lots of cash.

BTW - with a bit of coaching you could take 4 seconds off those laps before you even started trying.

looking good again

i paid £117 for the atcy3k with a 4gig card.(with out its £99) @