1st time paintballing

Few us mates have organized paintballing tomorrow.

Its my first time and was wondering if anybody would like to share any advice which could help…

tbh I can’t wait mwahahahahahaha


def pay extra and get the armour :wink:

All or it??

What can I get?

Be careful with how much you shoot as you can get carried away and easily end up spending £70 -£90 on paintballs.

This led some people to buy paintballs on the net and take them along with them :Whistling:

Yeah I went mad when we set up and had a test fire session !

Done £10 worth of paint just in the praccy area !

Run fast

Take some gloves

Shoot anything that moves :smiley:

yeah, a pair of summer riding gloves will help you lots. getting shot on the knuckle isn’t fun.

if you can get some, wear kneepads too. very handy for diving to the ground.

you will get hit and it will hurt.

you will spend a LOT on paintballs. nearly all centres won’t let you bring your own in, group together with mates and buy in bulk when you get there.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Do airsoft is better and cheaper :smiley:

Don’t get shot. :smiley:

Definitely bring gloves. The rules are somewhat open to interpreatation. The official rules are:If you get shot and the ball explodes then you are out.

The un official rules are:

If you get shot and the marshal doesn’t see it you are still alive.

You are still alive until you can’t take any more pain and hold your hand up.

If you hold your hand up and someone shoots it then that’s just bad sportsmanship.

As others have said it is expensive. If you get 100 balls for £5 that’s 5p a shot. If you let off 20 rounds in 15 seconds (easily achieveable) you’ve just spent a quid. So you could spend the equivalent of a pint of larger (or 30 miles fuel) in 45 seconds. They will tell you that some people make a hundred last all day but that is utter balls.

Armour?? Gloves??

What a bunch of whimps!!!

long sleeve T shirt, combat trousers and old trainers.

Yes, use as much paint as possible! It will be expensive and much more fun. Buy in bulk and it will be cheaper.

If you’re scared, you will fail… and beyond 30meters you can probably ‘dodge’ most balls being shot at you.

Your hands will get cold, and muddy, just woolly gloves will be fine Chuck

Have fun :smiley:

Ahhh this sounds fun…

I’m taking my bike summer gloves

Knees pads

Would the paint wash off the gloves??

Also does the head gear cover you whole head?

GLOVES?!? you’re going to stand out as a paintball virgin, and you’ll get a baptism of paintballs…

They paint does wash off, its not real paint (just processed and dyed fat). Head gear will cover face and ears.

Hooded top if you can - getting hit on the back of the neck or the ear hurts a bit !!

I’ll second this! The main reason to go paintballing is to show off your bruises for the next week! :smiley:

Tips though - don’t pick up paintballs that look alright off the ground, they’ll jam your gun when you need it most. And think about taking something that smells nice and strong, like vicks, to smear under your nose, cos every time I go I always get a mask that was last worn by a git with halitosis so bad he has impregnated the mask with it.

i didn’t wear armour and all of that, but it did hurt so many it’s a good idea :smiley:

How about a LB paintball event one day? Anyone up for that?

HELL yes

Sod the body armour,that takes all the fun out of it and you wont have the war wounds to show everyone.

Gloves are a good idea if you plan on going crazy and diving to the ground and stuff, saves getting thorns and shite stuck in your hand. I love paintballing and the pain at the end is the fun… Id never cheat and rub the paint off or pretend i wasnt hit :wink:

Normaly spend a good 150 bucks on paintballs cause i like to go for it… A camakazi run and dive over some cover is always good :D:cool::hehe: