1st TD - done and dusted

Completed my first trackday up at Snetterton yesterday and all i can bring myself to say is why oh why have i left it so long.

From start to finish the day was perfect, good drive up, great weather and not too many people on track.

I’m still smiling this morning and will definately be back out there in the next couple of weeks.

A few pics of the my day but please excuse my fat ass





Congrats man, you will get the bug. Snetterton is a great place to start, its nice and big, plenty of opportunity to overtake. The back straight means you can speed test, the bends are not too bad either, just have to watch for the rippling of the surface caused by the cars. Perhaps you could write a full report about the day? It may inspire a few other track virgins to get out there and have a go.

Big pics for a big event

Glad you had a good time.

Nice one Weets, looking good in the photos! Snetterton is a real blast, I love it!

Well done mate, glade you liked it. Are you hooked yet? well are you, are you LOL

Looking great there for a first timer I don’t look that good after 3.

I done my first 2 weeks ago, done 3 now already

What was Snetterton like? I have to recommend Cadwell, its my favorite however I was loving the hairpin and Gerrards at Mallory too.

I hated right handers on the road for all the years I have ridden (13) but now I love them!

Well done on your getting your first trackday under your belt. Snetterton was a good choice of circuit to start on. Its often less congested than other circuits so you can concentrate on what youre doing and where you`re going rather than all the riders scrapping with you.

See you out on track soon and perhaps LMRR too?