1st September - Herts, Beds and maybe Bucks

Let’s go ride our bikes!

Meet from 9am at South Mimms services, outside the standalone Starbucks, with a full tank of fuel.

Leave at 9:30, finishing back there, too. Let me know if you’ve any time commitments.

We’ll do ~200mi, I’ll assume >100mi tank ranges so let me know if yours is shorter.

For Roni, and anyone else used to his decision-making, It’ll be an SV roide, not a DRZ one.

If there’s more than four of us we’ll use the cornerman system, which I’ll gladly explain but you can read about here: http://avi.co/keeping-a-ride-together-the-cornerman-system/

Sounds good. I’ll be there.

I’m in!

No steam train though? That seems unreasonable.

Tempting. Let me see if I can blag a ‘get out of jail free’ card for the day…

Was just remembering when we rode 2 CB500s and a Bros. Oh those were the days.

Bros! Really?

I’ve still got the bros, waiting on avis driveway for me to get around to fixing it

Good morning gentlemen. I’ll join you for this. See you at 9am.

Boris - That was a terrific route you took.
I wish I had more time to have completed the run to CN with you guys.

Banging ride, thanks Big_Red_S for getting a faster bike so I can have fun keeping up with you. 10/10 would ride again.

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Absolutely textbook stuff chaps. Thanks all.

It was Avi’s route, he lead it too (unless I went the wrong way at some point I forgot about)

Great ride guys, thanks everyone!!

Sorry Boris, and so, thank you Avi.

Will have to come out on this run one day :man_facepalming:

Amazing route Avi! Combined with the nice weather and the great company, what’s not to like? :smile: