1st round BSB Brands Hatch

So then here is the start of another year of BSB.

What are your thoughts? and who will be the surprise of this year.

Personally I feel that Leon Haslam will do well as last year he was on the pace and I hope he does well. It will be nice to see Shakey back in amongst it all.

Maybe Dean Thomas can prove himself on the new ZX10 (doubtfull though).


I live about 10 miles from Brands and the weather report is not good, the rain is coming in tonight and staying for the weekend. Looks as though i’ll be driving the car up there tomorrow.

According to the test reports then Leon has got to grips with new Ducati faster than his team mate. I reckon if, and thats a big IF, he wins the championship, he will be off to WSB next season. I reckon the Blades are going to be right on the pace though, they are still being developed so may not show so well in the first couple of rounds but will be there or there abouts. Honda have been throwing money at the team and I reckon will be might peeed if they don’t win this season. Shakey should do ok but not so sure about the bike at the moment. The Suzy has not had much testing and appears to be suffering reliability problems. Sean Emmett has a point to prove and is paying his own way on a ZX10, hes good at Brands as well so I think he may show quite well at the first round.

As for the weather, showers all weekend but distinctly warmer. Showers could make it a tyre choice lottery and the results could be strange.

For anyone going, I hope you have a great time. Please shout on for my mate Kelvin Riley on the ZX10 TWR Motorsport bike in the Superstock race.

Ill be there, only on the sunday though (sorry mum, have to get your own flowers this year!).

The timetable is on the brands website for those who are intresed.

Foxy and I should be down there as well covering the event. If it’s warm, you can spot us by the LB t-shirts!

Looks like rain Friday and Saturday… Sunday’s going to be dryer… Fingers crossed…