1st Gear Prob :(

Travelled round Europe for six months on a GSXR 750. Ate up 20000 odd miles and only used wd40 on the chain with no probs. Great stuff. Have to admit to using chain lube now tho. As far as holding in the clutch while in gear … erm …normal unless my hand starts getting tired.

I also sometimes have trouble getting the bike into first but find that just releasing the clutch slightly helps to let it fall into first. :slight_smile:

I only put it into neutral if I get the sudden urge to tap out some bongo drum tunes on the fuel tank.

Thanks guys for all your feedback!, I went into the dealer shop where I got it from, and i’ve bookedan appointment for tuesday, they will look at it. I’ll update you…:cool:

LOL yeah and that too but only when ive got the dark visor on. :smiley:

I dont have any advice, but i had this problem on my cbr125r, be warned though… my 600 decided it wouldn’t go into gear, and i was moving, it just kinda got stuck in nowhere land. It took so long to sort it i rolled to a stop in the road, the car behind me didn’t see it coming either. it only sorted once i turned the engine off.

Thanks all, just have to becareful for 2 days til I get it shown…:w00t:

Both my bikes are Honda’s, and both have this problem every now and then. It’s just a Honda quirk as far as I know. :wink:
As for all the advice so far, totally agree with the stuff about releasing the clutch and trying again, revving it a bit as you pop the clutch out etc… :slight_smile:

Don’t you dare ever comment about my bike again, it never does this. Might not like to start occasionally but thats because it has italian electrics LOL

Right, I got the bike yesterday and they said their technicians didn’t find any faults!..they then said if it happens again we’ll strip it on your 1st service…but there I am thinking why did I bring it to you guys in the first place?..lol…just have to take on aboard the tips that u guyz kindly gave me…

In my experience bike gearboxes just do this every now and then, its something you get used to, my GSXR is the only bike i’ve owned that hasnt played up…

Neutral is an arse to find on the aprillia when its cold but fine once its warm, just one of those things… (no italian jibes please…)