1st diesel production bike on sale - Track T800 CDI

Has anyone ridden it yet? The price is steep at £16k when you can get a better spec’d GS for much less. The turbo diesel engine sounds like fun even if the engine only puts out 50BHP. What do you think?

For more info check out the ad on ebay “clicky”

Might be worth a ride to poole to test ride it :smiley:

50 hp isn’t impressive, but the torque is!

I wonder, are oil burning bikes the future? I hope they don’t sound like tractors like the early cars. I’m sure soundproofing will sort it.

Just seen the vid and I’m afraid it does :’(

+1 saw it at the NEC, didn’t think much of the looks, I’d rather have a F800GS - however, I’d be up for a ride down to Poole for a test ride :slight_smile: