1st Dates

Now I’ve re-entered the world of being single I was wondering what ideas you have for 1st dates apart from the obvious cinema/pub/restaurant stuff.

Eh? I thought you only received a diamond ring not too long ago!?!?!?! What happened?

rampant sex

I went on a first date on the London eye then to the Saatchi gallery - have to admit that was the first and last date with that guy

What about wine tasting at Vinopolis

he was sacked for gross misconduct

Have you met someone already then? You don’t hang around

Tell him to meet you at the Ace. You’re usually there anyway

no point hangng around eh, lol. It’s been a couple of weeks. I have a date tonight.

Good on ya girl!!! have a brill night

true, lol. Maybe if we get past a few dates that will be an option!

Nice one! Good luck

Want to hear all the juicey gossip tomorrow

Well on my first date with my lovely man we met up in the swimming pool (had only e-mailed and phoned before then). He had his two kids with him, I had my two smallest with me, and one of my teenagers was lifeguarding. And we were wearing just swimming costumes and a smile, so at least we could get a decent look at the goods on offer! Maybe not quite what you’re looking for on a first date…

p.s. I hope you got to keep the ring!

Sherrie, if it was me taking you out on our first date, id first take you to a nice bar for a couple of drinks, then a show of your choice, then after i got you back stage to meet the stars and chat to them id take you on a wonderfull meal on a boat going down the Thames seeing all the sites of this great city while you tuck into your fav food and drink.

Then after that i would ring the driver of a very expensive car to pick us up, drive you to your house and then have solid dirty sex the rest of the night.

Alf Garnett gives Sherrie a good shafting

nice JP !!!

Anybody have any theatre recommendations?

Blimey, you go on TV then you get yourself a date! they are all after your fame!!!


Blue Man Group - DEFINITELY!!!

why not just go for a walk and feed some ducks!! you can pluck conversations out of the air by using the world around you and people watching!! no awkward silence moments!! not restricted to the resturaunt/theatre

if the simple first date goes well and you want another date then call my date line on 08007654321 for further advice!!! no seriously, if it goes well then go for the dinner/theatre option!!