1st Crash

Morning LB

Seeing as my first post has bugged out due to the topic name I’ve made this one instead. If a Moderator could remove the old topic that would be great!

Been a few weeks since I was on here and today was my first bike crash… Luckily bike isn’t to damaged and I didn’t come off. Broken right indicator, Broken front fairing and throbbing knee. Was quite lucky to be honest could have been a lot worse! But had to take the day off work 2nd week on the job and off to the hospital to get my leg checked out. Must admit MCE are very rapid and dealing with claims, just waiting for bike recovery people to give me a call they are going to come and assess the damage etc.

Drive safe all.

Try and avoid nobs in 4x4’s who don’t look when pulling out of a car park on wet roads.

Good to hear you’re okay.

I find that 4x4s in central london have the least appreciation for other road users.

Any accident you can walk/hobble away from is a good one. GWS, get fully checked out though. 3 months later and my back is still causing me issues.

Everyone comes off sooner or later. If that’s your 1st one then it was a result. Ride safe.

While you’re recovering take a moment to be greatful that you walked away and take another to see if it could have been avoided. Experience is often learning the hard way!


I am riding just for over a year now and luckily have avoided plenty of accidents that could happen to me because of unsafe driving of the other road users, some of them could end upr eally serious so now I decided to get myself a helmet cam and I am using it all the time, even when I’m going to the shop only 5 mins away.

Get well soon, I had my first crash same day I did my CBT but it was only my fault, been too excited, riding all day and in the late evening decided to get back home because it started to rain. I had a nice slide on the wet road about quarter mile from my home when turning and doing about 10mph and broke my arm in the wrist.

Yeah I got relatively lucky that I managed to hold the bike up and avoid sliding down the road… Think just a bit more caution around cars even those who seem to be letting you pass… Could have been avoided but I learned something new I guess.

Thanks for the well wishes, I’m up at the hospital at the moment so hopefully all is okay with my knee :slight_smile:

welcome to the club!

Haha cheers!

Never trust a motorist they will do what you least expect when you least expect it & don’t take indicators as anything other than pretty coloured flashing lights that do not work in unison with the motorists brain

Dont let them take your bike away for “assessment”, there are usually cost involved in getting it back, if for instance they wrote it off (eg costs to much to cosmetically repair)

Oh, and welcome to the club!

Glad you and the bike are relatively ok, GWS…

Glad you aren’t too banged up & welcome to the club.

I had a cab do a U turn on me today from the left hand lane- but saw it coming just early enough to brake in time.

glad u okay brad. GWS :slight_smile:

Get well soon. Remember, if liability falls on the other party, remember to claim EVERYTHING you’re out of pocket on, including your lost earnings for the day off work, as your employer ain’t going to pay you occupational sick pay when you’re on your2nd week :cool:

Bike went today. Was sad to see her go… They took notes of everything wrong and i can expect to hear back within 2-3 weeks. Been waiting since 9AM to hear back about the hire bike i’m meant to be getting but still heard nothing back.

Thanks for all the “GWS” much appreciated guys :slight_smile: