1999 Yamaha R1 - blue

Hi all, have decided to keep Gixer and instead sell R1, so here it is!

Its a great bike, not nearly as much of a handful as they’re made out to be, but lively nonetheless.

This bike is already fitted with an Ohlins damper to calm any head shakes - it works flawlessly.

Other extras include crash bungs, Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser, exhaust hanger (Harris I think) and Art slip on can - original can and pillions pegs also available. Is currently fitted with Pilot Powers with plenty of wear left in them. Has some slightly dodgy aftermarket clear indicators on it as well, I never got round to removing them!

Was previously owned buy a girl (when I bought it the tank protector was a heart shape - I s**t you not), who did less than 1000 miles a year but still got it serviced annually.

Must be one of the lowest mileage early R1s around, great for a track conversion or as a fun everyday bike.

Please PM / reply / email me for pics - its down at the Yamaha service centre in Fulham so I’ll need to go and take some! Meanwhile there’s a dodgy long distance phone one from when we went to visit Cheddar Gorge below…

Its free to view at the garage whenever they’re open, I’m looking for £2,400 for it.




hi it looks a v clean r1can you tell the milage and reg , and any other photos you have please

Hi there, I’ve actually done a cash / swap for it now as wasn’t getting much response, but its still for sale for about the same money down at the Yamaha Service Centre in Fulham - straight from them.

As per title its a '99 V reg with 12k on the clock, it really is a damn good deal I couldn’t find another with that miles on autotrader in London for close to the money. I’ll prob be down there in the not to distant and will try and remember to get some photos - but its them you’ll need to speak to.

Ask for Paul who runs the place, he’ll be happy to help but I think is on holiday this week - however you’ll still be able to see it, the number is 020 7371 9100.