1999 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Approx 22,000 Miles
T&T until middle of 2011
Good Tyres
Good Chain & Sprockets
99% fantastic condition bar scuff on right hand side of nose cone.
Lots of paperwork, all previous MOT’s, FSH, the lot. Datatag also.
Fully serviced at 20.5k miles.
DB Screen
Braided Lines on front

Currently using it to commute - rides very smooth although suffers from the typical carb icing in winter. Silkolene additive sorts this out.

I want £1150 for the bike as is.

Owned for a couple of months but need to downgrade for a number of reasons:

a) I travel a ****-load on business so it sits there doing nothing
b) I have no garage
c) I may move shortly meaning it’ll be on the street and
d) I can now work from home a lot. Negating the need for a ‘decent’ bike until June/July.





Price dropped to final value.

I am travelling in 2.5 weeks time and NEED the capital to travel due to my companies inability to issue me a corporate card. And my credit card limit doesn’t stretch far enough for where I’m going!

Thats great value.

I used to own one of these and it was fantastic, the engine is smooth as silk and handles well when set up properly. Very comfy to ride distance and not laking for a 600cc in the performance stakes.

If i hadn’t just bought a ZX7 for the track i would have def taken it.

Good luck with the sale, who ever gets it will not be sorry.

still available?

SOLD sorry