1998 HONDA VFR800 Fi - £1,900

***** NOW SOLD ***** :thumbup

A guy in my office is selling his VFR800 and I think it’s well worth the money he’s asking … here’s the details (by him) if anyone’s interested … :thumbup

A brilliant bike, fully maintained, 40,000miles with full service history.

Brand new rear tyre - good recent front - both Bridgestone BT 020

Power Commander - makes the VFR fuel injection much smoother. Full set of mapping for the VFR. K & N air filter - just cleaned - new OE filter as a spare.

Recently tested on the dyno - 102 bhp and a smooth curve. Print outs available.

Pro -oiler fitted. This beats a Scot-oiler into a cocked hat. The pro-oiler has a twin nozzle, a dashboard display and can be changed on the move according to the weather. No more washed out chain on long wet journeys, A good quality gold chain and sprockets were fitted at 24000 and have not yet needed adjusting.

New OE exhaust pipes. These are an expensive item and should be ok for another 50,000 miles

All VFR’s get hot in the summer traffic. I have renewed the water pump, thermostat, water bottle, temperature switch. Coolant changed regularly. Radiators checked and maintained. Manual switch fitted and wired in parallel - all for summer use in Southern European cities when touring (and crawling in London in the rush hour).

Oil changes every 3000 miles

Last new spark plugs at 35000

Showa shock serviced at Revs Racing. Fork oil changed and new springs fitted at 30500. Front and rear fully adjustable. Handling is smooth and excellent and I have it set up for a 14 stone bloke (me). See the bend, look where you want to go, drop the shoulder and round it goes like it’s on rails.

HPS crash bungs - these are one of the most expensive units available and fitted to their own tough alloy framework that fix around the radiators and onto the engine bolts - not the frame.

NWS hugger and fender extender - stops ignition worries when touring in really bad weather. Prevents wear on the shock. Tank cover protects the tank.

Wheel, swinging arm and steering head bearings checked and in good condition. Brakes excellent and well maintained.

New heavy duty regulator/rectifier unit fitted (the Archilles heel of the 1998 VFR) These new units are said to be good for 50,000 miles. This one was bought on tour in Germany in May 2005 (300 euro from a Honda dealer in Cologne).

New battery fitted (you are supposed to do this with a new reg/rec unit)

Cigarette lighter attachment on the dash. This is to provide a power outlet to a 12 volt accessory. Used it to power the Sat/Nav on the move; for a small electric pump for the tyres with the puncture outfit; to charge up the mobile phone; to power the Autocom unit in the helmet.

The bike has been maintained lovingly by me and occasionally by a local mechanic. I did the service at 16,000 and 32000 when the shims needed to be checked - photos of the cams with that days newspaper provided. None of the shims needed changing.

It has done 40,000 and cosmetically, now has its share of pit-marks and scratches. But it does look good now that it is cleaned and polished. If you buy this then you are getting a bike that is the full business. Well maintained VFR’s do 100,000 plus on mileage. There is a lot of bike here for this kind of money.

Based near Brands Hatch in Kent, please call Steve on 07717 756035 if you’re interested.

Looks good, but adverts need a price mate.

That’s funny, I’m sure I put a big price in the thread title …

1998 HONDA VFR800 Fi - £1,900

You did, SMIDSY…

***** NOW SOLD *****