1997 Yamaha Thundercat

1997 Yamaha Thundercat in Black and Silver

New Chain last year
New rear tyre last year
New brake pads all around last year
New braided brake lines fitted last year
Full Service last year

I brought this bike in the hope that I would be able to get back into biking but the kids have stopped that plus now with us moving away and not having a garage at the new place I have decided to sell the bike.

In January I fitted some heated grips to the bike and an alarm, unfortunately at the same time I dropped the bike in the garage and as you can see from the photos there is a slight crack in the fairing on the right hand side :frowning:

The only thing wrong with the bike other then the crack is that the speedo can at times not work, I brought a new speedo cable encase it was that, but no it wasn’t that, so I recently I ordered a new speedo drive, this has not been fitted yet and I don’t have a front paddock stand anymore so won’t be able to fit it but will include it in the sale as it will be of no use to me.

I only recently taxed the bike and MOTed the bike, which it went through fine, so the bike is ready to ride in the summer fun, this is a lovely 600 bike, I had one as my first ever sports bike back when I first passed my test so brought another one in order to rekindle the love but just haven’t had the time and as I said we are moving shortly, and won’t have a garage at the new house, and the bike is too nice to be left outside under a cover for a few months at a time.

If you have any questions please let me know.

£1500 ono

Here is a link to the eBay advert with photos: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181093037768

someone should send a link to Ricco its that time wear he needs another thundercat to Wright off

^^^ lol. Don’t think his looking at another one

hahah btw how you been not seen you in so long man

Yeah I’m alright. Just about to leave for work so I gotta dash. I’ll text you in the morning when I finish work.

Dan. Ross. You’re both dickheads.

Thankfully I prob have enough parts for three t’cats. Although another wont hurt.

Interesting colour scheme and sticker config. Never seen one like that before.

I do like the colour scheme

Darn autocorrect. Isn’t it 3 cat’d(s) haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Ill get me coat D

nicely done there

That’s a nice looking bike James, are you jacking in Slough (don’t blame you if so!)?

Yeah Stuart, we are off to Sunny Wales :slight_smile: