1997 honda blackbird parts wanted

hello guys been a while hope your all ok
im after some parts for a 97 blackbird like corbin seat , back box , handle bar risers , exhausts any thing like that at reasonable prices
give me a call 07824672720


Leave it alone, you can`t better perfection.

i agree its a great bike :slight_smile: but i do need a top box at least

Ebay is your friend 4 topboxes rack

JAWS motorcycles 4 riser and ALL bird parts cheap

B.I.R.D .CO .UK FORUM plenty bits 4 sale ie seat just bought viper 4 mine

CBRXX.COM international forum can get bargains even with shipping

Honda xx Blackbird page on facebook

And as jets say they are perfection

Mines a 97 with 80k on it