1996 P Suzuki Bandit - 47k miles

I bought this Bandit 600 from someone I used to work with as he had a minor off on it (van hit his leg, bike landed on top of him) his insurance paid out & he bought a new Fazer while this bike sat in his garage for 2.5 years.

My plan was to buy it off him, get it running and use it for work - I got it off him, replaced the engine cover that was cracked, filled it with oil, drained the old petrol out and filled it with new - cranked it over, no spark so the story so far is…

It needs a new ignition barrel because the key didnt fit in/turn anymore - bike was at the side of the road for a few days after his accident & I think someone jamed something in the ignition so thats broken now where my mechanic & autoelectrician mates were trying to get it turning over by hot wiring it which we did sucessfully! :smiley:

Took plugs out - no spark when turning over so checked the coils and the wires came off as they were coroded so needs new coils.

Bike is a bit tatty but in a cool kind of way & with some love & spare parts it’ll be running again but at the moment I need another car so selling this to get one.

Alternativley if you’ve got some spare coils, ignition barrel/harness/key I could buy off you on the cheap let me know :slight_smile:

Bike was only ever used to ride to London every day from Kent & its never been thrashed as thats not really the last owners thing (unlike mine :P)

Probably the worst pics I could use to try and sell something but now its been cleaned up it doesnt look bad, these pics were taken the day I got it - since then its been washed, polished, new mirror fitted etc

Would make an ideal winter bike for someone

Im still waiting for Steve (last owner) to find the log book - Im open to offers really, not sure whats it worth like that but I reckon with a £100 so you’ll have a running Suzuki Bandit

  • Has a new rear tyre fitted *


What are you hoping to get for this?

Hi mate - its owes £500 so after that really

I know a few people that are looking for winter hacks, I’ll point them in your directions. Looks like the clocks are missing a pot, is that right?

Cheers mate - yeah rev counters missing

Still needs to go!

£300 any good to you sir?

Nah mate £450 the absolute lowest I’ll take but its going on ebay at the weekend.

okay mate

good luck knew i was being a bit cheeky!!


Bump for this one - log book came through today at last!

where are you based?

Im in Crayford, Kent.

SOLD :slight_smile:

i’m always too late…

Almost two months???:smiley: