1996(N) Kawasaki GPZ500S - for sale!

Kawasaki GPZ500S for sale - 19k miles, recent new rear tyre, new front & rear brake pads, new speedo cable. Excellent condition bike, rides well and very powerful for size. 2in1 Nexus sports pipe fitted. Some service history. 4 owners - low mileage for age. MOT & Tax expire end of May 07 - will put a new ticket on it before selling it. Perfect first bike or commuter bike. Selling due to wanting something a bit faster.

£900 o.v.n.o.

London - James 07866 739 752



IMG_1381_1no plate.jpg


Oooo, this looks VERY interesting. It’s a bit late to phone now, so I’ll call you tomorrow to discuss.

I recognise that bike mate

cover your number plate up mate,

You need to mention if a bikes been dropped (the front brake lever is bent - normally happens when a bike goes over)

Good luck with the sale - still looks in good nik!

SOLD! - to the lovely Chocie Muffin…

And it’s been sitting in the garage waiting for my wee boy to pass his test, before any of you think I might have gone over to ‘the dark side’ and got off my cruiser.

Have to say I really didn’t like the riding position, didn’t like the gear change and thought it was really weird that when you turn the handlebars when pushing it backwards to park the mirrors stay put cos they’re on the fairing -very odd. But I’m sure my lad will thoroughly enjoy it once it’s been restricted.

On that subject, I’ve been quoted £200 for restricting (£150 for the kit - for a couple of washers to go in the carb that’s a bit rich! - and £50 for labour). Anyone got any better prices?