1995 Peugeot 306 xn - the best 1st car ever!

Dear all,

I am in the process of reinvesting in something flashier but if someone would like a very reliable runaround car that has served me well over the last 4 years and outdone itself in performance and versatility then this is the car for your. it is more than likely going to outlive me at the rate i’m drinking and pushing myself over the edge!

It was registered in 1995 (M Reg) and is a 3 door hatch with a dent on the right front wing in it but other than that still looking good. Dent was from a car park when someone tried to get out of a space but they went into my car… fckers didnt stop or anything so left with a small dent and its still there… wnkers!

Everything still works perfectly and its a wonderful first car. lots of fond memories travelling to france on booze cruises and filling it up with over £1k of booze then making £1k profit when i got back to uni in a week! yes… 1 week!

It’s metallic dark blue with a tinge of green - dunno… i’m a bit colour blind but its a nice colour

amazingly reliable runner - since i’ve had it, it hasnt failed an Mot (4 years +) and have all the documentation plus bills… blah blah blah… fsh

no electric windows or power steering but its such a small car u dont really need it.

78,000 miles and an awesome stereo worth in excess of £400. (Sony 10 disc CD change with RDS radio and Minidisc …

If you’d like a car that to be honest is fantastic… i’m selling it because i want something a bit flashier… i gotta be honest… then let me know… offers around £1100 would be fair… and if ur lucky i’ll even get it MOT’d for u … depends how nicely u ask me…

thanks for listening… and if anyone is interested then post a reply and i’ll put up a photo…