1993 Kawasaki GPZ500s - 6703miles - 1 owner

For Sale

Kawasaki GPZ500s, “K-reg” Only 6703 miles on the clock. excellent condition, but not ridden in a long time.(Been sitting in the garage for 6 years) One owner, never been dropped.

Will need to be trailered away, as no tax MOT hasn’t moved in years - But absolutely Mint

Make a sensible offer - PM for more details.

PM sent

i’m in the process of refreshing mine, I love my GPZ.

Oh good, someone else with one!!

PM Replied Adam.


Many thanks Bev

Going round on Sunday!!

Is this sold? I no someone who will take it if its not…

Topgooner is seeing it tomorrow.
Watch this space.


SOLD - Topgooner Bought and took it away.

Hope you love it.


Cheers Bev.:wink: