1992 Honda CB450

My mates been offered a 1992 Honda CB450 with full service history, 1 owner etc (friends dad) for £200

He says its a fairly rare model & wants me to go and look at it with him, does anyone know anything specific to these to look out for?

Cheers :slight_smile:

If my memory serves me right it is a bored out 400 Superdream engine but with a dohc so therefore pretty reliable as long as you keep an ear/eye open for the cam chain tensioner rattling and change the oil regularly.Wasn’t a very popular bike as it was the time of all the sexy 400 grey imports coming in from Japan by the container load and was rather bland in comparison.

Should be a good workhorse as long as its been looked after.:cool:

Nice one cheers Chunkster! :cool: