1991 Range Rover Restoration. Extreme Rust

I stumbled upon this on YouTube. It’s a long video and I didn’t watch the whole thing but what I couldn’t get over was the shear amount of rust. If they dipped the shell in acid there’d be nothing left.

Good job, but seems a lot of effort for the 4 door Range of marginal value. An older 2 door (especially the CSK) would have been far more worthy of the time, effort and resources. :thinking:

I’ve been getting that recommendation too.

My old man had that model, and I loved it! Not saying it is worth anything but if there is something there.

I’d still love one of those, well, if I could afford the petrol!

I like watching that sort of thing, doing is too much like hard work. Now if repairing rusty classics is your thing I’m currently watching Pete C restoring another of his MKIII Cortinas. He does very little in the way of time lapse and much of it is like watching paint dry, some of it is almost literally that and adjusting the playback speed or skipping chunks is recommanded. On the plus side there are many explanations of how to this, that and the other with details including how to, what with and why.

First inspection here

and Project Bramble proper starts here


My dad had a late '70s 2 door in white, loved it too, lots of childhood memories from that. Yeah the V8 didn’t half drink fuel, but handled great once bushes were uprated. We used it a lot for towing big catering trailers off muddy show sites. But sadly one of his driver’s trashed it towing, jack knifed a big 2 axle trailer, slammed it on top of the central Armco of a dual carriageway whilst trailer ripped off and carried on. Still drove it off barrier and home, but chassis was screwed so was written off. :frowning:

Dad’s been gutted ever since, good nick ones of that year go for around £20k up now!

That takes me back to my first car. A 1955 Morris Oxford purchased via a postcard in the newsagents window because the previous owner was practically giving it away. Replaced a year later in favour of a fashion accessory 1968 Austin Mini which was by far the worst car I’ve ever owned but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it now. 1975 saw the need for a family car and I became the proud owner of a MKIII Ford Cortina GXL which I consider to be the best car I ever owned, probably because it got under my finger nails. I was very fortunate to acquire it for about a quarter of its book value as a non-runner, the camshaft had failed as they were prone to do. I completely rebuilt the engine on my Mothers dining room table which started out as a simply weekend project to replace the camshaft and knock up a home made modified camshaft oil feed pipe. Then due to finding all manner of camshaft filings and swarf it turned into a full on re-build including re-bore, over sized pistons, re-ground crank etc. By the time I finished the engine was better than when it left the Dagenham factory. Which was proved when I knocked up 250,000 miles in it mini cabbing for the price of an exhaust system, a three piece clutch and the normal wear & tear service bits plugs, points, pads, shoes oil and filters as and when they were due.

Mother has never forgot or forgiven me for the three weeks that engine sat in her dining room.

Happy Days

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I had a mate who ran a 3.5 petrol one with an LPG conversion. He did about 20K a year & reckoned it was costing him about the same to run as a decent sized family car. Dunno about LPG & ULEZ, as this was about 15 years ago, but it was also congestion charge exempt.

I’m currently running a 2005 lpg Zafira, factory fit from Vauxhall. They originally were congestion charge exempt, but that ceased around 2012 sadly. It does however appear to be ULEZ compliant though even though not Euro 4. Not sure if other LPG cars will be similar, could also be trickier for aftermarket conversions.

I have the 05 zafira as well standard petrol and is ulez compliant which seemed odd but not going to complain

Interesting… Yours the original A shape or later B one? 2005 was the cross over year. Mines the older one, but the 2005+ one I thought was euro4.

Mine is the B shape.

Lot of restoration work went into that R-R…and in all the stop motion filming…I’d have given up after the first strip down but then I’m a lazy sod.

As for the rust - i’ve seen much worse when my mate bought a TR5 which was shiny and lovely on the outside (in Primrose yellow) but when he stripped out the boot panels…

You could check the treads on both rear tyres by looking through the holes in the boot.!