1991 Honda CB1 400cc - £430 - Perfect starter bike or commuter


1991 Honda CB1 400cc bike
Black in colour
Tax’d (missing tax disc)
Failed MOT 20 days ago with the following noted:
Needed rear reflector (SORTED)
Needs new front headlight bulb
Needs Headlight adjusted (Garage will do this when MOT’ing)
Needs Chain adjusted as a bit loose.

It’s on OK aesthetic condition, few cracks and bumps here but is FINE to use. Doesnt look as old as it is! Has a rear rack installed which is rarer than hens teeth and every CB1 rider wants to buy it from me!!!

That is all.

59k on the clocks, starts and runs fine, the engine is bullet proof and te bike is a HOOT to ride. THis was used daily by me for 4 months on a 50 mile a day commute. Had rear wheel bearings replaced recently, new spark plugs installed (expensive!!!) and various bits and pieces lubricated.

Ready to ride away (to an MOT centre).

Collection from SW17 Tooting.

I want £430 for it, no negotiations as it’s cheap enough. If I can be arsed to MOT it, I’ll bump it up to £500.