1990 Honda CB-1


1990 Model Honda CB-1 400cc
58000 miles on the clock
OK Condition
NEW C&S, tyres are fine
MOT & TAX for 5-6 months.
Givi Screen
Aftermarket rack (Uber rare!! A lot of people seem to want these and not many around).

Starts great, rides lovely, brakes are fantastic and she sounds excellent with those gear driven cams.

Clutch could do with a wee bit of adjustment but that’s all.

Superb around town bike, so light and manouverable and very smooth power delivery.

Looking for £575 - exactly what I paid for it. I’m looking at every possibility of keeping this bike as it’s only to temporarily free up some finances for a month so won’t accept offers.

Please don’t buy it. :frowning:




one of the best town bikes ever… snap it up people!

WITHDRAWN from sale. Needs a few bits done to it plus I’m getting darn attached to the thing.

Best town bike. Ever.