1990 FZR 400 worth £700??

Looking for a bigger bike than the cbr125r now i have passed my test (A2)

For £700 + £150 to get it restricted… worth it or not??


cracking little bikes doubt if your get it for 700 quid tho’

What he said, looks nice though:)

i believe he is looking to buy it!

No sh!t Sherlock;):DI was talking about the TLR sitting in the garage in pic9;):smiley:

£700 with 6 days to go…looks like you’re out of luck mate.

If its as good as it looks/sounds you can double the £700 :wink:

If you can get a 2nd hand restrictor kit and get it fitteed you can save a bit of cash - all you pay for when going through FI International is the certificate which isn’t necessary (despite what hey lead you to believe).

I sold my 94 FZR600R for a grand last summer so you should get an older FZR for less. Keep in mind that the 400cc bikes are popularly raced and this inflates their overall price and the same for the parts as racers tend to hord goodies for when they crash/modify their bike(s).

I’d get the 600 as you won’t get bored of it so quickly once the restricters come off and the parts are plentiful. My FZR was my first bike and I ended up getting another one once some nice lady T-boned me. You might think that the 600 is daunting if your new to biking, or the insurance might be too high but you’d be pleasently suprised now that the bike is old enough to qualify for classic insurance from the likes of carole nash.

Good luck buddy!