1989 Snetterton Race


Nice bit of nostalgia there 'fro:DI had hair and a Yamaha FZ750 then but then i saw the light:P:D

Them nortons were devilishly fast but so unreliable. There was always a controversy over their engine size because being a rotory engine you can measure one combustion chamber or all three:w00t:

Some would say the Nortons were something like 580cc but others would say they were 1600cc:w00t:

Their nickname was “Wanx Norton”:P:D

There was a good article about it in Bike magazine recently…

It produced 140 BHP and 80 lb.ft torque from the apparently 588cc motor.

Pretty impressive as those were higher figures than the first R1 could produce from a 998cc motor 9 years later :w00t:

i dont mean to be an ignorant young inexperienced biker but wow!

a bike race where:

  • a british manufacturer leads a jap one

  • jamie whitham is competitive…almost (doesnt seem to have much luck, that boy)

  • nobody crashed!

bring back the oldies!! :D:D:D