1983 Suzuki GS 650 GL

Hello LB,

Just wondering if anyone wants to buy a winter project in the form of my 1983 Suzuki GS 650 GL?

I bought it a couple of months ago off flea bay, and on the day before it was delivered the owner told me she was slightly misfiring once in a while.
I still took her as I thought it would be an easy fix. It might still be an easy fix for someone with a garage, but I don’t have a garage, and have been mincing on her in the front garden when I get the time.

The symptoms are the revs drop when you turn the lights on by about 500 revs and she misfires especially on hills, and runs cold on 2 cylinders.

Also, the zaust is blowing.

I would have like to see the money back that I paid for her - £1000, but obviously I am open to offers considering the said problems.
I can email pictures to anyone interested - I don’t have an online account to upload pictures to link to.

She does have about 9 or 10 months MOT left, and I would rider her over to whoever buys her - she is running. The mileage is ridiculously low (about 18000 miles without me going out in my pj’s to check right now), she’s an american import (but no problem getting insurance on) and is the shaft drive version of the GS 650.

Any money would go towards my new R3 fund.