1975 VW Beetle

For someone that dont give a sh*t about cars and just wants something thats cheap to run ( £100 f/com collecters car ins) runs all day on a fiver, leave it as long as you want & it’ll start 1st time, dont need anti freeze, no one will nick it. ( I’ve even left it outside a pub for a week unlocked ) Parts are cheap & easy to get. And I think there’s a spare engine in the boot It drives well, could do with a bit of love & attention. It’s solid. Had the welding done for the MOT. New H/lights. Got loads of service history.

£400 as is ( no mot, but all work done thats on the fail note)

£600 with a year’s MOT

Ahhh and it’s a lovely bright yellow so everyone see’s you coming and it attract’s the old hippy chicks

Or would make a good Trike

I just need the space

Whereabouts are you Terry?

Did you say the work is done for the MOT? Is that £200 for a certificate?

I’m near Watford. Yeh all the work was done (welding, headlights) It dont have insurance, tax or mot so I’ll have to pay to get it picked up taken for mot, and I dont really have the time, so thats why £200 more

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You would’ent be able to get your fat ar*e in the beetle

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Only the once, Then you made a good anchor man up to Frith as usual

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