1960s motorcycle safety video

Gotta love the the L plates wrapped over the headlights!


Gotta love all the empty roads as well:D

Thanks so much for posting that Hanna! That is an absolute gem!

A Kawasaki ZX10R would be like some kind of monster acid trip to those guys back in the 60’s. :smiley:

cool vid:) but tom forgot to stop for the old lady @ 5:32:D

Very much enjoyed watching that, Hanna, thanks for posting. As the cliche goes, they don’t make them like that any more.

I also like the absence of any road markings (except zebra crossings), the appearance of the odd bubble car (you don’t see those any more), and the “men ride motorbikes, women ride scooters” stereotyping, which I guess didn’t go down too well with the Mods at the time.

For the anoraks amongst us, this was filmed in 1965, and at least some of it looks like it was in the Wembley area (the road they were pulling out of at the end was Wyld Way, onto the A404 Harrow Road).

Yeah - for the nerds :wink: among us it’s amazing to compare how much paint there is on the road these days in the form of arrows, red routes etc, and all the road furniture compared to years ago.

I pegged it at around 64 - so I was close! All this was from before I was born but my mum grew up in the Wembley area in the 50’s and 60’s so it was nice to see. :slight_smile:

Great vid!

What lovely old bikes!

grate vid should be a tv ad :D:D

er na:w00t:

05:30 - the supposed good rider goes straight past a woman waiting at a zebra crossing!

7.55 turning left out of Wyld Way onto the Harrow Road, do you think they stopped at the Ace on their way to the M4 :stuck_out_tongue:

ah the good ol days

What a great video! LOL… It’s like a different world. I’m not quite sure who they’re trying to convince with it though; people who don’t care won’t be converted with that.

3.07 - stops at the end of Eliot Drive Harrow - just down the road from Rayners lane tube. :slight_smile:

I couldnt stick my right hand in the air & pull away on my gixer lol.

That was awesome! Thanks or posting Hanna :smiley:

Hilarious that he didn’t stop for the old lady at the zebra though xD

You can see this is an old video when they say “they both work in the same factory”. This was made back when Britain had a manufacturing sector! :smiley:

Also, at 5:34, why isn’t he stopping for the old lady at the zebra crossing?

Other than that… Great find, really awesome insight into Britain’s former glory! :cool:

Tom’s friend has some skillz, did you see him slide around on the grass?:D:P

Well spotted NJ…thought I recognised the area, was trying to see the street names. Used to work around
there many moons ago…:smiley:

I’ve got family who live that way so I thought I recognised the area - my aunt has lived in the same house out there since about 64/65! :slight_smile:

didn’t they have break lights at that time or indicators? reminds me the time my GSXR had a problem with a fuse shorting out, I had no indicators or speedo had to use my hands, was quite fun, nothing like that guy but I was doing much better progres than him:D