1934 BMW R7

sorry but thats really ugly!! :ermm:

oh mate i’ve got to disagree. that’s porn, stunning. perhaps it’s a marmite bike. I would get rid of those white lines though, leave it in all black, help it go faster.

That’s okay, I used to fancy Nana Mouskouri when I was a little 'un.

PSML :smiley:

yep, that is funny

That’s a beautiful bit of 30’s Streamline Modernehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streamline_Moderne

Yeah, but in a beauty contest with nana mouskouri, who’d win?

Nice bike! There’s something very natural about art-deco, must be the curves - not to mention it was designed by a bloke in a room, with a pencil and a bit of paper!

I think it’s great. In 1934 that would have been pure MotoGP :slight_smile:

Nana was a bit of alright back in the day - just visualize her without the specs. :wink:

took **my ** specs of… didnt help :hehe: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! ha! ;):P:D

That is a seriously, bit-rubbingly gorgeous machine…

Oooohhh very nice. :cool:

looks better than a buell :slight_smile:

That aint hard;):smiley:

Loving the swoopy lines of the Beemer:cool:

That’s amazing - just look at that pipe, too!

I like it, I’d change the side panel by painting it black to match the rest of that area, that big chunk of grey steel/ally breaks the flow up to much. The engine cover lower area looks very bland, that’s the real problem area, and needs some work. Otherwise I think it’s great, especially as this was designed in the 30’s!

Oh and looking at that pick of Ms Mouskouri I’d not turn her down, with or without her or my specs! :wink:

The BM is a think of beauty and an art-deco masterpiece.

Changing anything would be as crass as putting overpainting a great work of art.