19 April BCR photos

A few shots from the BCR this morning.

Unfortunately i had to leave early as my tyre de-laminated in just once spot.
Got home safe (70 mile ride) and burnt the stupid thing out.

Will be out again soon :smiley:








looks like a great bcr today:) i’ll be back out from next week, lydden hill was shattering saturday.

Sorry for bumping an old thread, should have got these posted earlier but only just got around to getting them off the camera. Hopefully they are still of interest to people :slight_smile:
Next time I will actually make the BCR rather than detouring to intersect it… will have a few more photos then :hehe:

Full set (16 photos) can be downloaded from http://www.jasoncook.me.uk/bikes/media/finchingfield20090419/

A few supermoto riders turn up pre-BCR brigade

The BCR arrive after a magical mystery tour

Finchingfield in the mid-morning sun… was already 30 to 40 bikes and was only 10.15

Another shot of some of the BCR brigade

That last shot…was that the state of your tyre BEFORE you rode home??