£180 for Michelen Pilot Road - jus the read - fitted

Does £180 sound a lot for a rear tyre - including both fitting and VAT - I really want the Pilot so it’s worth paying for - but it seems a BIT steep… ideas?

Seems well over priced to me. Im sure you could get a pair of them for about 200 quid fitted. Personally id go for the Pirelli Diablo or Diablo Corsas, i`m sure you would not be disappointed and they would be the same price.

Yep, I got a pair of pirelli diablos fitted for £211.80.

Yeah they said I could have the pair for £210 but the front one has LOADS of travel left and I hate replacing things that are fine.

It almost is not worth to keep the old front tyre mate, you may as well change them both if the difference is only 30 quid

Pilot road = crap… just my opinion, if you are soley commuting and not riding hard then they are great… Bridgestone BT020’s are the way to go IMO…

BTW my view on Pilot roads was having to endure one on the front of mine in France as it’s nearest i could get to 020… (long story) when it was changed today with 1500 miles on it, it still had pips on it… 1% rubber 99% concrete…

Pirelli diablo’s are a fantastic tyre. Very quick warm up. Cant fault mine. On 2nd set now.

SO glad I decided to change the front at the same time as the rear. Didnt realise over time what effort I was putting into cornering. With the new front, she just tipped into corners beautifully again.

And yes, that price you been quoted sounds way too steep.

FWR in Kennington for cheap prices, or Merityre in Leatherhead for even cheaper prices than FWR but with excellent service.

Had Michelin Pilot Power 2CT fitted for £219, best tyre I have used so far and that includes Corsa’s

thats way too much.

FWR Pilot power 180/55 £105 or pilot sport £95

£11 to fit

As for the new 2CT tyres, i looked on michelin website and rates its own tyre 3 stars for track use and 4 stars for road use. no good for trackdays then?


wow - beginning to feel I’m being done here!


Name n shame em mate. There are some great firms out there check out motorcycletyresuk in name and shame thread.

Dropping your bike, knackering your caliper and scratching you wheels however is free… - see name & shame…

go on ebay get front and back new for £130 . right can anyone tell me what the diff is between the hi-sport and the pilot sport. and whats the best to have plz

For a Michelin Pilot Road £100 is way too much. Don’t do it, they are not a good tyre at all.

Phone The Cavalry (Jim) - he will come on his bike fully equipped and fit the tyre of your choice at your home or workplace… He’s a nice guy and very competent… fitted 2 conti road attacks to the Storm for £130 cash. Freephone 0800 956 7594 anywhere in London BC2

Just gave Jim a call - £40 call out for 1 tyre £60 for 2 and he’s said that probably means he’s more expensive.



Essential Rubber

Pilot Road - Fitted with VAT £105

Cancelling the dealer now.


Matt, give me the £180 and your keys and I will go and get the bike tyre fitted and pocket the best part of £60 alternatively try these people:_


lol! Yes mate of course!