18-21 June - Horizons Unlimited UK 2009

Anyone going?


I shall be there. Hopefully riding up after work on Thursday if anyone wants to go convoy…

:w00t: i didnt realise there was a meeting! Im so blonde sometimes… i want to go but i cant :frowning:

I am , i have my Pay Pal confirmation so will be going, only prob is i have to go after work on Fri , so will see all of you up there!! Can you save me a tiny spot for my tent Martin ??? its only a one man tent so not a huge footprint!!See you there ??? ( I assume that you are going Martin ??? )

SPG :w00t::w00t:

In london bikers spirit i would like to offer for free our spaces to horizions unlimited as we cannot go. We have two tickets and so either two singles or a couple are welcome to have them.

We cannot go as our honey moon got canceled as we where going to mexico and so we bought forward a trip to the alps on our bike.

If you would like these tickets or know friends who would like them then let me know!


I shall indeed be there. :smiley:

I’ll try and keep a spot free for you SPG - looking forward to hearing about Borneo too!!

Its defo going to be a weekend of very tall tales !!!Looking forward to it, you got tickets ?? if not have you seen the link re Free ones ???

SPG :w00t::w00t:PS loads from the " other site " going , see if you can touch base with some going up ???