18/06/2015 Thursday evening ride

It’s basically midsummer so I’d be daft not to. Leaving South Mimms Northbound at 7:15, get to a pub before they stop doing food this time.

Bite to eat, then an hour and a half or so’s ride back to South Mimms unless we get carried away eating and go back the quick way.

If you’re on the list and not there by 7:15 we’ll wait til half past. Roads will be small and cornery, but a bit less gravelly than last time :slight_smile:

I should be up for this.
How less gravelly?
Trying to decide which bike to bring.

Completely not-gravelly is the plan. Some might have dirty gutters…


Nothing like a dirty gutter

What a bummer! Can’t make this one, either, as I’ll be out of the country. :frowning:

Weathers looking good

I’ve had an urgent repair come in so I’ll be doing that tonight instead.

You’ve got two bikes! :slight_smile:

Guitar repair, for a client.

Ohh, yeah. I’ve heard this thing about there being more to life than motorbikes before…

Haha. Well, I’m getting through it.
If I get done in time I’ll come up but don’t wait for me.