17th July - Wednesday eve Brighton Run

It’s that time again! Because the ULEZ’s happened, we’ll meet at the Bike Shed, not Borough Market, and skirt the ULEZ on our way out. Leaving the Bike Shed at 7 so ideally be there by ~6:30.

You will need:

  • 70mi tank range from the Bike Shed (there’s a petrol station by Old St roundabout for the ULEZ-able)
  • To be happy to get yourself home from the M25
  • To be up for getting yourself home rather late (we’ll not get to Brighton until 9/10)
  • Working lights, a clear visor and all the other stuff you might need when it’s dark
  • A license and bike that can deal with the motorway back
  • To be okay with having chips for dinner: https://buddieschippy.co.uk/

Let me know if you want to come but the timing’s tight, and we’ll hang about for a few mins if need be.

Anyone who’s not been that way in a while might be surprised by Old Street

We’ll use the cornerman system if there’s more than four of us so ideally know how that works beforehand.

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I’m in

I’m in, but I’ll be a renegade and not eat the chips

In :grin:

I’m 50/50 now as may have to go to the kids school for a uni thingy. So will see what the mood is like closer the time

Just back from camping and Trackdays at snetterton and Cadwell park,knackered have to give this a miss …have fun.

You’ve got a week to recover - this is next week!

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:…I’m a maybe then…lol.

Right, I’m in so don’t leave without me

Me too. I’m going to get there about 6 and get a bite first.

Mmmm chips

Not gonna make this ,gone on a 3 day fishing trip.
Have fun👍

you not having F&C when we get brighton

I’ll have that too :grin:

Anyone here yet

Yes I’m at a table outside

We’re all inside on the sofas now.

Great ride guys. Some excellent roads. Thanks for leading Avi and for tail gunning Ron.

great evening, I’m exhausted now though!

Put up some of the pics when you get a chance Gav

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