16mm masonry drill bit needed

has anyone got a 16mm masonry drill bit for a non sds drill that i can borrow? I only need it for a day or 2. I will be at bm 2moro or i work in central london and live in north london. Many a coffee or tea will be provided as thanks

I have a 400mm 16mm dia masonry bit but its sds. Got a sds hammer drill to go with it if you want. (240v)

dude if you’re dropping in the ground anchor I’d go with the offer from BI!

if i can carry it in my rucksack on the bike yes please! Are you going to bm 2moro?

Yes I will bring it in a rucksack to BM at about 7.30 . Better test and see if it works first :w00t:

thanks, better bring some money for coffee! Btw have you also got a 12mm you could bring too?

thanks, better bring some money for coffee! Btw have you also got a 12mm you could bring too?

Bricking_it, forget the bike, just turn up tomorrow in your bulldozer, with a full set of tools and drills…just in case…


probably :wink:

O god, now what have you done? :w00t:

Will that go into solid concrete?

i hope it will :slight_smile:

SDS hammer drills were introduced to the market in 1975 by Bosch. SDS stands for Special Direct System. They are similar to normal hammer drills, but have an improved hammer action that allows more powerful hammer blows. You will also need SDS drill bits that are specifically designed for SDS hammer drills, these improve safety by reducing slips, and are more robust than regular bits.

Normal hammer drills need to move the whole drill chuck to apply the hammer action. An SDS drill will allow the bit to move inside the chuck, allowing power to be directed more accurately and efficiently, which results in better performance drilling through substances such as concrete.

It will go through concrete like butter, dont push on the drill just let the drill do the work;):smiley:

where you based m8?
i ask as trying to get some holes into concrete for me garage defender.
i am in se16.