168 in yorkshire


hehe like the way he flys past the other bike…But bit dodge on the overtaking manouvers though

176 ! and he must have a death wish !


Ouch…We will be reading about that one in the paper soon…Man gets jail time for posting reckless bike video on inernet…etc



Anyone know what bike that was? The acceleration on his overtake was intense! And there was a strange noise when he piled the throttle on…

I am not sure I believe that. The speed that he was passing signposts etc and cars coming the other way, does not seem right. Perhaps his speedo was set to KMH?

I think the additional noise is wind noise.

The speedo and the speed of the bike didn`t seem to match. The bike seemed to be going slower that the speedo was saying.


be carefull fella the police can actually use that clip as evidence against you, i jest not! damn good fun though :laugh:

I fear it’s more likely to be “Biker becomes organ donor”:crying:

A display of totally irresponsible riding.IMO

The speed does not concern me, although I think the bike has been down geared so it is not a true 176, the complete moronic way they were overtaking on double whites and the way the first rider almost got collected did.

This is in the Sun today (saturday) on page 38.

Police said:

“This is absurdly dangerous motorcycle riding, with the riders showing no regard for themselves or other road users. We will do everything we can to identify these riders and prosecute them. These were extremely dangerous and fast speeds and in our view the riders were incompetent when cornering.”

Silly silly.


got to say: if you ever want an example of how NOT to ride on the road - this video is it… general roadcraft and overtakes are just soooooo crap…