£160 Garmin Streetpilot i3 Sat-Nav

Prices are getting lower, and more interesting. Anyone have any experience with this?


yes, I have that one…

what would you like to know about? in short it works well but its better in finding satellites when powered on the bike battery. its small and compact and very accurate, it has no fancy touch screen or bluetooth mobile compatible features or john cleese voice but it does exactly what it says on the tin, i.e. it takes you everywhere you enter a postcode and town. As well the whole of UK it’s got France & Belgium. What i find good is that with the helmet on and my cans I can’t hear what the voice says, but… it actually displays in writing on the top line when you have to turn and the road name to turn to, and obviously if you follow the red arrow in the middle you can’t go wrong, can you?

It tells you if u are exceeding a speed limit and it warns of speed camera, what more do you want from £159 from Maplins? http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=48004&TabID=1&source=1&doy=8m3

Halfords are doing them for £125,it will get you everyware except milton keynes,isnt that right capt .lol

Cool. How do you put the destination in? Two buttons and a scroller looks a little convoluted to me?

Very simple Jay: the two side bottons operate many functions, select, on / off, and the wheel in the middle makes you scroll through the settings. That wheel is also a button when presssed, which acts as a 3rd button, believe me there is nothing you can’t do with that array of buttons and given that the software interface is so clever and easy to use even a dumbo like me can get to use it and MAKE IT SAFELY TO MILTON KEYNES (BUCK) so really its a neat little machine, and when u think its water resistant, small and practical for the money it costs its a fookin’ bargain I tell thee!

I’m going to get one! Loved it and been thinking about it for a while now but couldn’t find a reson to pay over 300 quid for it. Nice…

ok i’ managed to upload the pdf file here it is: http://www.captnmoto.co.uk/vids/garmin.pdf this is the owner’s manual that shows all the available features and what it can do.

it still amazes me to see the falling prices of portable Nav.

Navigation used to be a luxury that us vehicle installers could make a margin on, I recall these being sold in Somerfield over Xmas for £99 :o

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t attempt a European trip on nav alone.

Buy a decent map, use Nav as a backup.

Below is the link about this on our car based forums, shocking!


(the above link is not commercial or competitive to LB)

Use navigation as a back up???
So what, I should stop on a petrol stations and turn it on only wen I’m lost and then switch it off again or use it only when I spill the coffe on my map?
Don’t you think that it should be exactly opposite?

LOL Rottie!! You tell it how it is mate. That Brazilian coffee must be making you cranky or summat.

You weren’t this outspoken before ? LOL Keep it up I like it.

I think there is room for both, after all it’s about getting somewhere, who cares how?

My problem with these things, esp on bikes has been cost v. need. I also worry about how quick it can be removed from the bike when you stop.

But there are units/systems for all tastes and opinions.

if u go to Frith St tonight i’ll show u mine, meaning the sat nav (garmin i3) and how quickly it comes on and off. It has a suction cup applied on the screen, and a ball clunk in fitting that allows u to pull out the sat nav and stick it in your pocket while you can safely leave the suction cup in place, no one’s gonna nick that are they?

Somerfield were doing this unit for £100. Might be worth seeing if they still have any left.

Also noticed PC World were foing it fairly cheaply. Worth checking out anyway.

Thats the key isnt ease of use and easy to chuck on n off the bike. I have a pda with satnav and its sh*t on the bike. cant mount it cos its too big and looses satelites to often and crashes… plus if some nicked it…thats my pda gone!!! i may make an autocom, using a few op amps and a strip board (prob cost 20 quid rather then 150) buy one of these and link my ipod to it…sorted lol!

I was looking at this unit in Maplin last week - really like the look of it - and it’s so cheap… I started a thread here


but the big problem for me is…

1 - No audio out
2 - No waterproofing

The first is solved easy enough with a little solder and an female 3.5mm audio jack


The second could be solved by only riding in nice weather (not a great solution when you have to commute 50 miles each day) or a nice cling film cover!

I’ve decided to wait and buy one of the more dedicated units - RiDE are doing a great test of GPS units this month and the Garmin Quest comes out as Best Buy with the Quest 2 coming in as Recommended. The top end Garmin Street Piolt


Game out as the ‘winner’ but only gor a Recommended triangle due to it’s cost.

But why you just don^t keep it in your pocket and listen to the instructions?

I used to keep the GPS receiver on me as well and then when I get off the bike I don`t have to remove anything.

Because it doesnt have a headphone socket and with the lid on and the noise from the cans you can’t hear sweet f.a.

I was reffering to Anil’s Pda, not the TomTom set

battery life on pda is low so cant keep in piocket

I got one of these when they first came out (199, then broke my ankle two days later and could drive for week - by which time they were £120 :angry

Used it on my bike while up at the nec for the bike show, just stuck it to the rev counter using the stickey thing. Was pissing down as well so put the unit in a clear plastic bag, worked ok but was a bit difficult to see. No chance of me hearing the voice commands as i have the worlds loudest bike